Trailer and Extras

When the Dust Settles (Official Trailer)

Crying Indian Public Service Announcement

Finger Lakes ReUse crew member Amy May says this public service announcement inspired her to liver her life sustainably. What do you think?

Production Stills

Amy May works as a deconstruction crew member at Finger Lakes ReUse

Ivan Yalanzhi is the operations manager at Finger Lakes ReUse.

Paul Uchtman sometimes volunteers at Finger Lakes ReUse.

Gerald Contento is the president of Contento’s Demolition, Hauling and Scrape Metal in Cortland, NY.

Joseph Laquatra is a professor Human Ecology at Cornell University.

Erich Kruger is the deconstruction coordinator at Finger Lakes ReUse.

Research Materials (for more information … )

Waste Management at the Construction Site

Joseph Laquatra and Mark Pierce (2011). Waste Management at the Construction Site, Integrated Waste Management – Volume I, Mr. Sunil Kumar (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-469-6, InTech, Available from:

Green Builder magazine

Finger Lakes ReUse CenterĀ 

Photos from Deconstruction of 95 West Jersey Hill Road

Cornell Cooperative Extension

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems

Contento’s Demolition, Hauling and Scrap Processing


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