Production Bios

Taylor Long

I‘m a 20-year-old journalism major with a minor in international politics at Ithaca College in upstate New York.

Documentary is a new medium for me — usually my reporting is confined to print or photo journalism. This documentary was an excellent opportunity to experiment with another form of multimedia and learn more about video editing.

“Susty Productions” was the brainchild of Eli, and I think it ended up being a really appropriate name for our production company. It reflects the sort of light humored, but hard-hitting work we’ve done this semester. “When the Dust Settles,” is an incredibly timely documentary short that follows the growing trend of sustainability in demolition waste materials — much of which is toxic and is being restricted from landfills. However, I’m most proud of the way this documentary touches on the issue of sustainability in general. I think we’ve really been able to capture the different ways each person defines sustainability and the ways this definition has changed with time.

Eli Sherman 

Hi. My name is Eli Sherman. I’m a graduating senior at Ithaca College receiving my B.A. in Journalism.

Like Ms. Long, my time spent at Ithaca College has been spent primarily between working with media platforms such as print, multi-media and very little video production. In my last semester at Ithaca, I decided to dive headfirst into the world of documentary. Ms. Long and I did some serious pondering over what we might like to delve into as we were giving a long leash as to what we could choose for our documentary. Then, one evening, it became clear we needed to look into different methods of sustainability that was being utilized by the people of, and around, Ithaca.

Now, if you’ve been to Ithaca you would know that it is an extremely forward thinking city. It’s impossible to go through town without bumping into some sort action in the name of sustainability or great advocates for a greener tomorrow. It seemed like the perfect place to look into such a topic. Ms. Long and I started with a very vague idea in our minds of what would happen and we’ve come so far to produce this wonderful documentary short for all of you to watch and I hope you enjoy.





T and E


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