Final Steps

Yesterday we had a last-minute interview with Professor Joe Laquatra and got some really great information and resources, which you can find in our “extras” section.

Don’t have too much time to stick around and chat — currently working on fitting in the interview and finishing up our final product to show this Wednesday in Park Auditorium at 1:30 p.m. We look forward to seeing you there!



Been on the hunt for an expert source to comment on historical trends in the treatment of waste materials and the economic angle deconstruction companies like Finger Lakes ReUse have found in the market. We found this person in Joe Laquatra, professor of human ecology at Cornell University. Unfortunately, he’s at a conference in New Orleans until this coming Monday. We’ve planned a shoot with him for early Monday morning.

In the meantime, we’ve been continuing to edit our footage and interviews to prepare for the second showing of our rough cut today. We received a lot of great feedback. We’d like to continue to add more deconstruction footage we collected and continue to develop the main thesis for the documentary, which has changed from focusing on the ReUse Center in itself to methods of reusing and recycling construction/demolition materials. We’ve found that Jerry Contento of Contento’s in Cortland does not speak so much to the waste of these materials, but a general trend to increase the amount of materials that must be recycled as dictated by pieces of state and federal legislation. We’re anxious to speak with Laquatra to get more information on these trends.