This Saturday Finger Lakes ReUse had a large-scale working day at their property on 95 West Jersey Hill Road, which we have been following since the deconstruction team first began to disassemble the house early in March. In addition to Andrew and Amy — the usual daily crew — a number of volunteers and Eric, the executive director of ReUse’s deconstruction efforts, were there to help deconstruct the frame of the house and sort lumber for sale. It was a great opportunity to get Eric, who spends most of the time at the ReUse store, in the field, which is his favorite place to be.

In addition to getting some great shots of Eric working, we also interviewed a volunteer who worked for Finger Lakes ReUse in the past and still liked to come out and volunteer when he had the time. He really added to the working definition of sustainability we’ve been trying to build throughout in our interviews.

After the work day, we figured we might as well head out to the Finger Lakes ReUse store to get some B roll of deconstructed items being sold, as well as get more information from a store clerk about how the items are priced in comparison to the market — particularly home improvements stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.

Finally, we were surprised to be given authorization to get some b roll at Lowes — which should be really great to round out the documentary.


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