Am in the process of reviewing and labeling footage we got at a really great shoot this Tuesday. Not only were we able to get some excellent B Roll of the deconstruction crews tearing down a shed, we also interviewed both of the crew members who have been working on the property.

One of the workers actually uses a lot of reuse materials in her own home improvement projects, which is how she got involved with Finger Lakes ReUse. She offered to show us some snapshots of her work to potentially work into the documentary. Also, the crew said many people have stopped by the work site to pick up wood and discussed their projects. They’re in the process of getting Eli and I in touch with one man who is using all ReUsed materials to build a shack for himself to live tax-free, off-the-grid.

We’ve also been very diligent about setting up shoots this week. We’re going to have the chance to get footage of volunteers tearing down the property next week as well as shots with a price analyst and student at Cornell who helps the ReUse center to find appropriate prices to charged for ReUse materials in comparison to places like Lowes and Home Depot. A trip to a landfill a half an hour away is in the works, as well as an interview with a demolition contractor (plus hopefully some footage from a demolition site to compare with our deconstruction footage.


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