Today was a productive day for the crew and we started off our morning with a visit to Finger Lakes ReUse to shoot and interview with Eric. As I mentioned before, Eric is the contractor for deconstruction projects. We were able to sit him down amongst old doors, faucets and other fixtures that he’s collected in home deconstructions past, which made for a nice visual. The store where we were shooting is the place where all the deconstruction materials (those that weren’t recycled) are sold at affordable prices to be reused.

In addition to talking with us about the semantics of home deconstruction, Eric chatted with us for a long time about his personal definition of sustainability and how it drives his work at Finger Lakes ReUse.

After our interview with Eric we hightailed it out to the build site we visited about two weeks ago to track the progression. By now the roofing had been taken off of the shed and main structure of the house. There were gaping holes where the back side of the home used to be and holes replacing toilets and bathtubs. We stuck to many of the same camera angles we shot in the past in order to be consistant as we tracked the deconstruction process.

It was great to meet Eric for the first time in person. He told us about some upcoming events we can look forward to shooting such as a community build early this April. He also put us in touch with a student working for him via Cornell with the task of assessing prices of building materials at places like Lowes and Home Depot.

Early next week we plan to return to the store and follow some of the items customers purchase from the center back into their homes. We’re also in the process of getting in touch with a demolition business and locating a nearby landfill where we can get footage to juxtapose deconstruction scenes.

Super Susty!


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