Just got off the phone with my primary contact at Finger Lakes Reuse Center — Eric — who oversees the deconstruction process. It was kind of a bummer because he informed me that today he is tearing down a house out in Lansing until 4 p.m. It’s a day project and I think we missed it. However, we finally set up a time to interview one on one tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. He suggested I make an event on google calendar and invite him to it. The idea is that he give us a tour of Finger Lakes Reuse Center over in the Triphammer mall.There should also be an opportunity to get some playful shots of the materials that have washed up at the store in deconstructions passed.

In terms of upcoming projects, I’m a bit concerned because he said they’re in between work. He said more substantial deconstruction projects won’t be happening until around April 9, which is a bummer. In the meantime, we’ll have to keep busy collecting footage at the store and getting interviews with some of Eric’s crew.


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