Lift Off

This is the first post in a series that will chronicle our progress documenting home deconstruction, a sustainable alternative to demolition offered by Finger Lakes ReUse Center.

We started out strong. In February we visited a deconstruction location in Danby and collected multiple shots of deconstruction on a home and nearby shed. Two crew members were working on deconstructing the house piece by piece. We got there early and the lighting was in our favor. The first half of the morning was spent using the rising sun to our advantage. We panned across the property and took various shots of the home’s exterior.

Later in the morning we moved inside and shot crew members at work. One was deconstructing a small bathroom on the second story. In the basement, a woman was tearing down decorative molding on the ceiling. We left the shoot before noon because a class of high school students were coming to volunteer and we did not have the proper release forms prepared for minors.

Stay tuned for video clips, production information and our personal bios. We’ll be updating the website, in addition to this journal of our progress.


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